Linen Care Guide




All our products are 100% linen. 

We love linen and we know you do too! We also know this natural fibre requires a little more care and attention to keep it looking luxurious.

Washing Instructions for our Printed Linen 

For best results, we recommend the following:

  1. Machine wash on your most gentle cycle (40 degrees or less).
  2. Wash with like colours and fabrics (do not mix with towels or other items likely to leave lint). 
  3. Use a mild detergent. We recommend a wool wash commonly found in the supermarket. Just make sure it doesn’t contain optical brightening agents and do not use fabric softener.
  4. Do not bleach or dry clean. 
  5. Air dry out of direct sunlight. Where possible avoid using the dryer – if you must, use on low temp for 15mins.
  6. Feel free to cool iron but the homebody collection prefers a wrinkle or two. 



Like a fine wine, give it time!

Linen in its raw form is very durable but can be coarse to sleep on. Remember it will soften over time but if you keep washing it to speed up this process, you risk weakening the natural fibres resulting in a shortened lifespan.

Linen softens with age by shedding excess and unnecessary fibres. This shedding can be a little more noticeable on our darker printed linen due to the dyes being used – darker dyes can lead to an increased build-up of fibres. Don’t panic, this will cease over time if you follow the care instructions above


As linen is a natural fibre, the raw flax may be different from one season to the next and as a result it may react to the dyes differently. It's natural to find colour variances between our ranges. Fading will occur over time so please make sure you keep your linen out of direct sunlight. 

Avoid contact with skincare products


Standard Pillowcase


European Square Pillowcase


Cushion Cover 


Please note that all Kinship Linen items are sold individually.

We recommend feather inners for our products as these are perfectly plump and showcase our designs to their full potential.