About Us



Kinship Linen happened when the two of us shared our vision of linen loveliness and discovered we had the same dream; to create showstopping home accessories from 100% linen.

We both met whilst working together in the textile industry, Meredith in marketing and Toni in design and production. Over the years there were so many ‘snap moments’ between us that it started getting ridiculous. We were obsessed with luxurious natural linen and had the same taste in interior style, often sending each other identical inspirational images on the same day. But one style dilemma bothered us – the absence of individuality in today’s increasingly homogenized interiors.

And so, Kinship Linen was born.

We are both proud homebodies who love curating spaces that reflect our personalities. Combining our passion for statement prints with our love for linen, we have crafted a collection of pillowcases and cushions you fellow homebodies will love. Our carefully curated pieces are designed to enhance your existing décor by injecting a sense of luxury and individuality with a side of fun. 

We are committed to producing the highest quality products. Kinship Linen is designed in New Zealand and proudly crafted by our textile partner in India. Our 100% linen collection is designed to get better with age, and like all of us, will soften and relax overtime.

Become a proud homebody today and make your home a reflection of who you are and a place you want to stay.